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Paso Roble Brewing Company began with love for beer and everything Paso Robles. In a region long known for "craft" everything , we're proud to play a part in Paso's rich culture of unique high quality local business. 

Paso Brew is a full service brewpub producing all genres of craft beer from Lagers to Ales, IPAs, Browns, Blondes, Reds, Seltzers, and everything in between. If you love beer, we have a beer that you will love and to keep you comfortable and satisfied. Our kitchen offers both unique and classic gourmet pub fare. 

Featuring a state-of-the-art 8.5bbl brewhouse and hermetically sealed serving tanks, we're committed to pouring the highest quality and freshest beer possible. 

Nothing comes into contact with our beer once the brewmaster has finished his work. The entire batch of beer goes directly into one of our 1,000 Liter serving tanks, where it stays fresh and cold. Our unique serving taks allow the beer to remain just as the brewmaster intended all the way to the last pint. 

To ensure the delivery of our beer is as high quality a the brewing process, we employ a fleet of magnificent Lukr side pull faucets to pour the perfect pint with just the right amount of creamy head. 

We humbly invite you to "Drink Paso," 


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Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 4.01.42 PM.png

201 Spring Street
Paso Robles, CA 

Thursday - Sunday
to 9pm

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